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Opdateret 20. Maj 2010

Flexmail Examples

Exemples show you how you can use Flexmail to process forms on your server.

  • A simple feedback form for getting comments from your visitors.

  • A listserv manager to make adding/dropping people from your lists easy.

  • A more advanced contact form that sends email to different departments, depending on the kind of question indicated by the user.

  • A transaction request example, for selling items via FirstVirtual.

Tools & Examples

Image Map - An example page and graphic demonstrating server-side image map processing.

Lasso Instant Publishing - Enables publishing of FileMaker databases online with point-and-click ease of use.

Search Example - A demonstration of the Search and indexing capabilities of the WebSTAR Web server.

SSI Demo - An example page demonstrating the powerful features of SSI (Server-Side-Includes).

SSI-WebInclude - An example showing how to include the contents of a remote site within a web page.

Best tech and computer magazines

Even though the internet has taken the role of all medias that existed before, some of them are still managing to stay relevant. One would expect that people would mainly get to know about tech on websites and forums, like GSMArena, Android Authority, iMore and similar ones, but tech and computer magazines are still doing their job. Even though you won't find any escorts in them, it is interesting to have the possibility to take a newspaper, turn the pages and that way read about technology and the new products. In case you want to try this and you are actually interested in reading some tech magazines together with your escort Paris, then you should keep reading and see which ones are the best out there.

Why are they still relevant?

Even though there are some quite huge blogs and websites that are available to anyone today, people still buy tech and computer magazines. The main reason for that is that in the online world, there are not that many objective blogs, where the consumers just get to know what is going on and how good the actual products are. Online it is all about marketing, as all escorts know, and it is usual that a blog will be paid from the manufacturer or retailer to put their product in front of all the others. Magazines are more objective and they summarize what happens during a week or month and put that all into 50 - 100 pages. One thing you don't need to experience once a month is the stunning escort Paris, because you can find her at any time on 6annonce. She is, for sure, one of the many enthusiasts in the world of tech today and therefore, she might even suggest you some of her favorite magazines.

You should pick up these ones

One of the leading magazines in the world of computers today is the PCMag. It is based in New York and started printing in 1982, after that in 1994 they launched their online version and in 2009 they stopped printing their magazine. Escorts will want something they can actually take in hands and go through the pages as they read. In that case, Wired will be the right choice for you, since it is still printed and covers some of the topics that others don't even come close to. An escort Paris will enjoy reading about how the current technology trends are affecting the society, politics and economics. Don't worry, it is written so that everyone can understand it, and it is actually meant for the usual reader.

Computerworld is one of the oldest magazines that are still in the business. Most of the escorts must have heard of it, since it first launched in 1967 and went exclusively online in 2013. Unfortunately, the blogs, tests, reviews and videos on YouTube are taking over the scene and soon the magazines might even die out. So go on and support them, they are really the only reliable source of knowledge on the technology and computer scene today. And everyone can use them, from the regular costumer to professionals and researches who need their dose of news every once in a while.